Welcome to my website which is dedicated to historic cemeteries and the memorials and historic masonry found in them. It is my mission to share realted knoledge  which I have gained working in historic graveyards and cemeteries for close to 30 years. Wow, how time flies, I can still recall the first monument I installed in April of 1987, and the first grave that I dug in the Fall of the same year. Becoming a cemetery contractor did not have family roots for me, and it was just one of those turning points that sometimes happens when one encounters a crossroads in life. I have never looked back or regretted moving into this most interesting field of work.

Well, fast forward to 1999, and I moved into a realted field, preserving the old gravestones and monuments, instead of installing new ones. Ans quickly I began to help educate people about gravestone & cemetery monument preservation, sharing  information,  helping to to educate folks by providing workshops and hand on training.

I am very sorry that I have badly lagged in updating and creating new content for this site due to numerous distractioins. The 2013- 2014 winter has been a very long one indeed, lots of ice and snow in many parts of America, and just about everbody that I know is ready for Spring, myself included. Over the past couple of years I have created new groups on both Linked In, and more recently whats called a page, on Facebook. They both have the same name and the links to them will be added very soon. They are both called, Gravestone & Monument Preservation. Please stop by on Facebook and like my page, share photos or ask questions. On Linked In its an open group so come visit and join.

I have upcoming many upcoming workshops already planned for 2014, all over America and more in the works all the time. Please consider atteding an event if you are interested in learning more about this very interesting and sometimes complex subject matter. I am always interested in adding events in new locations, so dont hesitate to contact me anytime.


This web site is destined to become a continual work in progress. As I compile information on a specific topic, new sub-topics arise. Nearly every subject discussed, may be further elaborated, or expanded to include more information, photographs and commentary. I truly feel there is a need for this information to be disseminated, albeit incomplete, rather then waiting for a more perfect, or more complete version to be written.

I do not believe in holding or protecting trade secrets, although there is a long and notorious history of this sort of behavior regarding many trades. Those who fiercely guard information will not foster the growth or expanded knowledge in any endeavor or occupation. It is only through the open exchange of ideas that we can further the cause of preserving all of Americas historic graveyards.



Many of the techniques and solutions to solve gravestone conservation dilemmas, I have discovered through extensive experience, and trial and error situations. It is my sincere hope that others failures may be reduced, by openly discussing what I have learned during the conservation of thousands of gravestones and monuments.



We encourage interaction, questions, and submissions from all those interested in Cemetery preservation. It is my hope others ideas and experiences can compliment those already included here, and will be added to this site, provided they are deemed reasonable and relevant in subject matter.


Please submit questions, comments or articles to further the content of this site and to encourage and promote a continuous dialog regarding all facets of gravestone preservation. To submit material, contact us at info@gravestonepreservation.info

-Jonathan Appell
Monuments Conservator